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It crawls,

slithering, writhing and compossing

a fugue

of Agony that tears the inside


Its kin spread and multiply

and burrow

and burrow


I slowly


and metamorphesis

into A Living Talking Worm

that moves

and wears a human

body suit


When the words issue from

the mouth worm

the changed mouth

It issues a dank and fetid



I despair for my death



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When I chant in a murderous


and do to heaven’s stage

loudly chant and rant from

my self-imposed cage

in worldly gibberish

decipherably only by the sage


And invocation to invocation

soundly call

Summon wisdom, and intellect

from Mercury

the tall

But invocation leads to my fall

for Mercury stirs not ffrom his hellish hall


So wordlessly I tie my mouth

to silent sound

and consign my myself to this

desolate round

Sitting silently, I resign

myself to deaths mound

And so I shed and vanish,

pound by pound.


No heavenly voices to great

the place of my final, cold, strong


all now is calm and neat

and slowly, slowly, wretchedly

composes to peat

A Softness

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A tender moment

a gentle caress

the touching of lips

A romantic moment



by the expectation of what comes next


of those words

to be spoken


Where a tender moment

is a tender moment only

and no more

I Reach

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I reach for something more

and yet I hear nothing


The nothing of a death fugue

that reaches closely to the bone


I reach and I hear nothing

He doesn’t listen


The emptiness inside

is the emptiness outside


I reach and I know that no answers will come

I reach and now I know

that there is nothing

to reach towards to

Not Expectations

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Your hair glitters in the

corners of my eye

a shar, soft, subtle glow

that fills the spaces

that fills the gaps

that fills the beating of

the heart


Long-strands of glittering wires,

that slice the heart

Atrium, Ventrium

a multidude of wires

that slie the soul into

a multitude of fractured parts


Your glittering blonde hair

is a torture


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All love is repetition

All life is repetition

THe monotonous tone of the metronome

Second after second

it flits away

till, till the ticking sinks in

and days listen.


All love is repetition

All love is the same

And the old lie that our

own love is special

is an empty lie


All love is repetition

and all repetition is love.


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Murderous Rage fills the Cage

that contains page, and

page and page;


Murderous rage that plagues

and raves the mind


And the golden locks of Helen’s

hair sit and burn

another Troy


They whip and lash the fragility

of peace

And whip the soft seeats that Sophocles glazed


The soft-knocking at the

chambe door

That breaks the silence

and unbreaks my heart

The cage ensnares

and tears

Rends my flesh into bloody


I break and in breaking