Poems of Obscenity

Poems of Obscenity – Exposition

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Poems of Obscenity is a collection of poems based on historical words that were deemed, or are currently deemed either obscene or taboo. My intention in putting poems into this collection is to deconstruct the elemental components of each term, to look at their genealogical origins and etymology and then generate a reading from that.


Barry Humphries [Poems of Obscenity]

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Flute Penis

A Popular Variant

Silent Flute

Live Flute

Can [Poems of Obscenity]

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Keep the young women’s patch

Her wedge, cuneiform

Wrinting inclinations on shirts

Tapered legs

Lalu called it colorful

Lalu saw it was meters long and meters sharp

Responsible for the difficult conditions

Would not vote in the elections

Nor find the other foot in Shangri-La, Los Angeles or Devon

Turf [Poems of Obscenity]

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A Genesis

For the Reisdents of the Dead City

Bestial and Gay

Where the anger of the people

Became Reflected in

Sexual activity against nature

Cremum [Poems of Obscenity]

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Analgesic Leisure
Easy Baby Food
Bust and around
Source of infant formula
Click the exhaust port of the girl
Blessing and bees, catching PAPS raid